Best Time to Visit
November to March

Tips for a “Pleasant Trip”

  • Silence is the golden rule and it yields good results in the field.
  • Be inquisitive and develop an eye for birds. Do not disturb birds.
  • It is always better to carry a camera, a binocular and a field guide book to identify the birds
  • Visit within the specified timings. Entry beyond these timings is treated as trespass and may invite legal action.
  • Wear camouflaged or dull colored clothes. Bright colored clothing make your presence noticed by birds and tend to scare them away
  • Use shoes with hard soles and good grip
  • Don’t litter the sanctuary.
  • Use dustbins and always carry your leftovers back
  • Be sensitive to the needs of other visitors.
  • Consumption of liquor is a punishable offence inside the sanctuary
  • Do not carry firearms.
  • They may be confiscated
  • Indulge in socially acceptable activities only in the Sanctuary.
  • Drive vehicles slowly.
  • Blowing of horns, playing loud music, making fire, throwing stones is strictly prohibited.